Jewish Family Education

Yossi and Miriam Saunders joined us in September 2012 as Jewish Family Educators for Leeds. Working under BHH, Talmud Torah and seed for the last 2 and a half years, they aim to reconnect Jewish people to Judaism from all over Leeds.

Fun filled programs based around the Jewish Calendar bring in the crowds, enabling people to then progress to another angle, such as courses on all walks of Judaism, ranging from Foundations Programs to a Hebrew Reading Crash Course.

In addition, they learn one on one with people at their home, entertain guests for Shabbat and Yomtov meals and run a fortnightly discussion group on all sorts of topics ranging from Belief in G-d to Parenting. Currently, they are going through the essays in the book of 70 days for 70 years.

Twice a year, before Chanukah and Shavout they hold a giant Funday at Brodetsky School. On Chanukah Arts N Crafts are always on the menu, complemented with doughnut bobbing, bouncy castles, gladiator inflatables, photo booths, candyfloss and popcorn. For Shavous the children  and parents have a wonderful bonding experience in learning together followed by entering the mouth watering “Sweet Room”!

Shabbat UK saw over 320 people through JFE doors, as Miriam conducted The Biggest Challah Bake in Leeds for the women, and Yossi organized the Family Friday night Shabbaton. There were many people who walked to Shul for the first time .

Their bimonthly Messy Shul is as popular as ever, allowing kids not only to learn informally about Judaism’s rich Heritage, but to take home crafts that stay in their life’s for example the Havdalah Candles that they made. Messy Shul is always followed with a great supper for all the family.

AS Well as bar mitzva and bat mitzvah tutorial, Zone ed is a weekly informal Cheder held at the Zone, where kids cover the basics of Judaism without the fear of a classroom.

The seed Foundations Course is the next course to roll out the JFE door, starting on Tuesday evening Feb24th at 7.45pm for the next 5 weeks.

This years Purim event will see a fun filled seuda, add to last years Murder Mystery evening and the Magician from the year before.

70 candles for 70 years will see JFE pay tribute to the worldwide Holocaust Remembrance project on Sunday 15th March at BHH. A choice of different lectures including Holocast Survivor Arik Hirsch, will then lead into a moving ceremony of music, tributes and the lighting of 70 candles by various schoolchildren and dignitaries. Look out for the flyer coming out soon…

For more info about any events or courses, call Yossi on 07502 428 556, Miriam on 0113 345 2647 or email