Rest of the team

Office Staff:
Executive Officer: Wendy Tobias
Administrative Assistant: Jocille Goldstone
Accounts: Lydia Gilmore
Resident on site: Doug & Viv Wilson
Honorary Officers forming the Executive (all are volunteers):
The President: Michael Eaton
Vice President: Management: Vacant
Vice President: Religious Services: David Jacobs
Vice President : Social & Cultural: Martin Port
The Treasurer: Stephen Kagen
Secretary: Vacant
Religious Services: Voluntary positions
Wardens:                                                      Noel Sumroy
                                                                       David Jacobs
Chazzan Emeritus: Rev Michael Saville
Honorary Life President: Geoff Eastman
Honorary Life Wardens: Stanley Surr & Gerald Tammer


Synagogue Council:

The Council comprises (in addition to the serving Honorary Officers & all past Presidents), 18 elected members, all of whom participate in numerous sub committees.
Several Council members represent the Synagogue as delegates, at meetings of other Communal organizations.

School Visits:
The BHH is a popular venue for organized visits by children from schools throughout Yorkshire, furthering their inter-faith education.