It is a Halachic requirement to mark a grave and it is customary to erect a Memorial Stone and hold a Consecration Service within one year of burial.

The synagogue sends out a letter to the family, following a funeral, with full information regarding Consecrations & with contact details about Stonemasons.

Additionally, a Memorial Plaque can be ordered from the synagogue office, which will be positioned alongside the Ark in the small synagogue and lit on each anniversary (Yahrzeit).

Due to ground settlement conditions, a Memorial Stone may not be erected any sooner than four months following the burial of the deceased. Furthermore, due to winter weather conditions, Consecrations may only take place between the 1st Sunday in March & the 2nd Sunday in November & subject to the timing of Religious Festivals or other occasions when the Cemetery may of necessity be closed.

There are no charges for the Consecration Service, the Plaque Unveiling Ceremony or for the services of the Clergy.

For information about repairs, cleaning, re-lettering or other maintenance, please contact the synagogue office.