Rabbi Mendel Sufrin

Rabbi Sufrin and his wife Chana together with his four children, Yosef Chaim, Eli, Menucha and Nechama Dina joined us in 2008. A product of the Lubavitch Kollel that used to be in Leeds, Rabbi Sufrin was previously at the UHC. His humility and knowledge brings a vast wealth of experience to the shul.

As well as Funerals, Stone-Settings, Shiva Houses, Weddings, Leyning and Speaking, Rabbi Sufrin takes care of many Shiurim in the shul, such as Discussion on the weekly Parsha, a Gemora shiur and a Sefer Hachinuch shiur. In addition, he is in charge of the Calander timings.

If you want to get in touch, call the office on 0113 269 2181.